Thursday, November 29, 2007

Two movies?

The more I write this, the more I am convinced that it Wicked should be two movies, ending when Elphaba and Glinda part ways on the carriage. I think it would fit, and it would be sure to leave quite a large amount exciting material for the second movie, but my fear would be that the first movie may be too much exposition and characterization. It would, however, allow for my vision of giving equal time to each of the three witches, showing the childhood of the Thropp girls and Galinda, and how it created the characters they become at Shiz.

Perhaps the first movie would end as Glinda arrives back at school, alone, and we could see Nessa's heart breaking, falling into Nanny's arms. Each character could be affected by her flight. Glinda would then be totally alone, without a true friend left, and so she throws herself into magic studies. Nessa, angry at her sister, would grow bitter and recluse because of her feeling of natural superiority. Boq and his friends would split from the group, having been traumatized by the philosophy club and no longer having a link in Elphie. It could break off in a dramatic musical sequence without sound from the actors or scenes, just the tragic, heavy, dark music. Showing the beginning and end of Glinda's journey, from tears to stone-faced. Nessa's breakdown and temper tantrum, her first sign of true malice, anger, and violence. Boq and co. standing off to the side, confused, but not sure who to ask questions, and eventually they simply walk away. I picture it all in slow motion, of course. Nessa screaming, eyes shut from the force of her voice, Glinda glassy-eyed and far-away, walking away from the scene as a queen would from an execution, arms wrapped in a muff, and Boq shocked, then defeated, pacing off, head down. The camera pans upward towards the grim, cloudy sky, flies towards the cllouds, spins a bit, arrives at the emerald city once again, zooms past the buildings down to street-level, catches up to a figure in a pointed, black hat walking through the crowd, faster than those around her, pushing her way through, arms at her side. The camera slows from its super-fast travel speed as it approaches her. The world comes back to speed, she takes a half-dozen steps, breaks through the front of the crowd, turns right into an alley, and the second she is out of sight around the corner, the screen goes black and the music silent.

I know having the ending set without the rest of the movie is kind of strange, but I'm one for drama, and I think this is nice. What does everyone else think of it?

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Shay said...

I like this idea. It makes sense. You don't get to find out much about Elphaba, Nessa or Galinda's childhood, it just jumps to Shiz after Elphaba's birth where Galinda first appears.