Thursday, November 29, 2007


Galinda, later Glinda, is Elphaba's roommate at Shiz University. She at first hates Elphaba as she sees her as a hindrance to her social climbing agenda. As she matures, she and Elphaba become close friends. It is implied as well that perhaps Galinda has feelings for Elphaba; indeed, she cares for her deeply, and Elphaba for her in return. However, the two are separated for fifteen years when Elphaba goes into hiding. Glinda is part of the high society in Gillikin, Oz's northern state. The Glinda in Wicked is parallel to The Glinda in The Wizard of Oz as she is seen as being snobby and inconsiderate but in The Wizard of Oz she is kind and gentle.


The Wikipedia synopsis needs re-written, but I'm busy with this. Galinda's childhood should be parallel to that of a young girl growing up in 19th-century South Carolina or Virginia. She has a wealthy family, but she is not of the highest class. She is more of the upper-middle class than the lower-upper class. I picture her childhood characterization to be somewhat brief, and possibly as chronological clips, showing her in a baby carriage with her parents talking about what a wonderful good little socialite she will be. Then a birthday party with a giant cake and a miniature version of her dress in the wizard of oz. A mountain of presents to rival Everest. I feel like going overboard with her and dealing with her childhood in hyperbole. I don't want her living in a mansion, just a large home with a big back yard, tree-shaded drive, and a giant oak tree next to a small pond. There should always be bright sunshine while outdoors, well-lit rooms while indoors, or if it needs to be dim for the setting, she should be emitting her own glow.

I want much of her role at Shiz to take parts from the book and the musical, because I feel the novel was a bit too dark throughout, and I want there to be a definite trend in Glinda's life from Galinda to Glinda, from sunshine to clouds. Her bubbly attitude can be drawn in from the musical to give a bit of light-heartedness to the beginning of the second part of the film. Her strength is her confidence, even when the odds are against her, and I would like to point out, often, that the world is much too big for her, but she still presses on without even batting an eyelash. This confidence is what allows her to do the things she does throughout school.

I like the idea that Galinda initially uses Elphaba as a pity-piece and makes herself the martyr of red-tape and unhappy circumstance. This 'taking lemons and making lemonade' approach is brilliant, and I think that taking it even farther and thinking that if she is never going to get a 'suitable' roommate, then she will make her roommate 'suitable' could be the motivation for continuing after Elphaba puts on the hat.

After she is friends with Elphaba, things could follow the book, and a few extra daily activities could be invented and inserted to demonstrate their friendship. This will also provide time to re-characterize Morrible and Grommetik into sinister, lurking beings. The issue that comes up should be the treatment of the Animals, and invented minor character should get into arguments over it. Possibly even a few Animals at Shiz should receive abuse to demonstrate the Wizard poisoning the minds of Ozians.

Eventually, when Dr. Dillamond is murdered and Elphaba eventually runs off to face-down the wizard, Glinda is determined to go with her and help. Their experience there will tear them apart, and Elphaba will leave her then.

She is a very amiable character, but she keeps her true-self to herself.


Christa said...

LOVE THE BLOG! I think you have a start on something wonderful here! I could almost see the movie playing in my mind as I was reading.

NinjaHanzo said...

Do you have an email address I can reach you at?
I'm sorta doing something on Wicked too

Shay said...

That's cool that you're doing this stuff with Wicked. I'm working on sewing 2/3 Galinda/Glinda outfits.

Unknown said...

Nice thoughts on Galinda/Glinda. I like it. I do like the idea of her choosing to go with Elphaba to the Emerald City rather than being dragged like in the book.