Thursday, November 29, 2007


Grommetik is a tik-tok creature, servant to Madame Morrible. It is strongly implied he is involved in a sinister plot orchestrated at least in part by her. From what is described in the novel, it is similar to Tik-Tok from Baum's original Oz series.

I'd like to make Grommetik seem kind of cute and clumsy in the beginning of the movie, sort of in the same way Morrible seems nice to a fault. I want both of the characters to evolve in the audience's mind in the same way, from benign, even comical, to conniving, loathsome, and sinister. He should make random appearances and sort of POP out of no where on some errand or another, but always running into the witches or other protagonists. Occasionally he should scare the audience, once or twice when tension is somewhat high, and after the audience begins to suspect that Morrible and Grommetik are not all they seem. He can become a bit of an object of fear, or a harbinger of death that sometimes does the dirty work for its master. He shouldn't be liked, even a little bit, and the noise he makes should seem playful at first, but the whirring of gears, popping of steam, and grinding of metal should become more shrill and ominous by the end of Elphaba's stay at Shiz.

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Ly said...

I love the idea of turning Grommetik from a nice comic character into the evil and scary role he actually plays in the story, it would be a fantastic plot twist!