Thursday, November 15, 2007


Nanny is a member of the Thropp family, though whether by blood or employment is never explicitly revealed. By the conclusion of the book, she has raised three generations of the Thropps, most notably having acted as chaperon to Nessarose, Elphaba and Glinda during their years at Shiz. She is still vital well into her eighties. Her attitude reflects this, as she is stoic, speaks her mind, and holds to somewhat inflammatory 'Lurlinistic' pagan beliefs.

She is such an interesting character. She is constantly complaining, yet keeps on working. Her strong will, which is so prevalent in the beginning, seems, later, to be subdued, if not controlled by Nessa. Nanny allows this because she feels bad for Nessa, and eventually just gives in completely. I think this should be a testament to the strong will of Nessa or at least her ability to get others to do what she wants. Nanny, who nearly ran their mother's life, was almost a slave to Nessa. Her role is not huge, and so I think it would be a wonderful opportunity to use her attitude and personality to make a point. She should be overly loud and obnoxious to begin with, and then overly subdued to Nessa towards the end of her part.

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Caroly said...

I think that Nanny was the Thropp family's servant who took care of the children while the parents went out to events like parties. Remember that the Thropps were rich. Nanny loved Melena, however she was well aware that Melena was spoiled.

Way later on, when Nessarose was born, not only Nanny, but everyone was obsessed with Nessie's health.