Thursday, November 15, 2007


Melena is Elphaba, Nessarose, and Shell's mother, and comes from a high class family. She has mostly pagan traditions, which contradicts Frex's statements. She has very loose morals, and dreams of her days as a pampered girl, despite her rebelling against it at the time. She has a taste for alcohol and pinlobble leaves.

I think that it is VERY important to remember just how high-class she was. Her fall from grace should be so distinct and visible that the audience should feel embarrassed for young Elphaba that she should have such a ridiculous mother (even before she could talk or realize her situation). I picture her FAT, but not obese, just simply round, large chested, obviously once beautiful, but no longer. There should be something about her that references who she used to be. Maybe a hat, piece of jewelry, pair of shoes, or something that she has on or does, that is so different from the rest of her that we notice and realize she is still holding on to that old life. Maybe Frex mentions it, askingg her why she keeps that silly thing. Maybe a comb. I think that would be wonderful! A beautiful jeweled comb from her mother. She could comb her gnarled, dirty, split-end hair... staring at herself in the mirror, drunk and high. Finally, one day after Nessa is born (maybe before, but the timing is important) she will break the comb on a tangle. Stare at it. Place it down. Pick up a simple wooden comb and continue brushing, unblinking.

I like that scene!!!!

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